Wrapped texture 2



<Wrapped skin> which started as a conceptual work where a body itself could become an jewellery by substituting the body skin with internal membrane of animals, which existed as a skin although its was a foreign medium, is expanded to table wear. In other words, the skin of objects are reinterpreted through an actual skin of animals to show ‘the expansion of skin’ that is delivered with a new response. An object is aimed to be substituted with the skin itself, where the subject and object of sense are intermingled, through an aspect of transposing of internal space to external space using the internal membrane of animals as a medium. The <Wrapped texture>, which functions as a tool that ‘contains’ something, is produced with a method of constructing a form by building a structure using thin metal wire and wrapping the frame with thin membrane like film. A new structural experiment by medium that forms a container by applying the manufacturing method of shell structure, a kind of architecture style is aimed. That is the construction of a tool to contain through the wrapping behavior. In other words, a tool for the behavior of containing is formed.



copper, pig intestine

100x70x35mm, 200x70x35mm, 300x80x35mm, 400x90x35mm, 500x100x35mm, 600x110x35mm