Wrapped skin_brooch 11




The brooch series of <Wrapped skin> are an evolution of intention to express ‘extension of skin’, where ‘the second skin’ is substituted by the skin of non-human. I wanted to express the form, where body skin itself can become an jewellery, as <Wrapped skin> by preparing the foundation of body concept which is expressed as jewellery and has significance. <Wrapped skin> appears as the body skin which has changed to skin of organism and this means an embodiment of opening body skin to new activity and response by modifying self body skin through actual surface of animal. Also, by replacing skin of reptile by body skin and contraposing as a skin of other species, I wanted to find independent body through empathy or differentiation. In other words, I wanted to show new significance of jewellery through the beauty of modified body. A medium of skin expression, the membrane of animal’s inter organ, has also the concept of skin as jewellery through the transforming of internal skin of body into external skin in the non-human body. This is a finding of another self in the process of existing skin’s distortion into a new one. A subtle exchange between reality and ideal through an ironic skin modification is embodied into a new idea. Such a displacement between the subject and the object is not only a process of observing self, finding an independent body, and actualizing the desire mechanism, but also a play that enjoys a formative expression.


pig intestine, copper, C.Z 95x109x45mm

pig intestine, copper, resin, C.Z 47x125x45mm

pig intestine, copper, C.Z 89x147x53mm