Wrapped skin 11











pig intestine, iron wire, copper in silver plating/ 610*630*540mm

Formative expression of <Wrapped skin> appears as the body which has changed to skin and form of organism and this means an embodiment of opening body to new activity and response by modifying self body through actual body of animal. Also, by replacing skin of reptile by body skin and contraposing as a skin of other species, I wanted to find independent body through empathy or differentiation. In other words, I wanted to show new significance of jewellery through the beauty of modified body. A medium of skin expression, the membrane of animal’s inter organ, has also the concept of skin as jewellery through the transforming of internal skin of body into external skin in the non-human body. Membraned small cube cells’ repetitive organic combination is extended and this surrounds body and create a massing to make the body which ‘sees’. The silhouette of body projected onto organic form in semitransparent and neutral color becomes a body which is ‘seen’. By doing this, dual body concept is created. In other words, <Wrapped skin> becomes a being which ‘sees’ through modified body and modification of skin, which means body itself becomes an jewellery to form a being which is ‘seen’.