Skin texture 1




The <skin texture> starts with a concept of new jewellery where body decoration effect is substituted by the skin itself through the transformation of the body skin. The aim is to show a surreal body that opens toward a new visual concept through the transformation of the skin which looks like the transplantation of a jewel into the skin. As ‘Animal Becoming,’ a philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, states, my skin is opened with a new response by transforming it through an actual skin of animals. Through a transformation between animal and human, changes can be brought to the source of my behaviors. Such transformed body expression may have the significance to perceive a new self and find independence. The <skin texture> produced through a medium called silicone has the form of jewel carved in the realistic wrinkles of the skin. Although the body wears an jewellery, the jewellery is so similar to the skin that the jewellery looks the same as the skin. However, the existing skin is coated with a foreign form. It is generated from the desire to expand the self through the transformed skin ‘the Second Skin’.