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-Jewellery as Second Skin 

I want to reinterpret the meaning of ornamentation on the body, beyond visual aspect. Questioning how is ‘ornamenting’ recognized by people, what is worn as jewellery, and what decorates the body, I want to find a new perspective for jewellery. Jewellery expounds its value by blurring various boundaries, from the material to the immaterial, the tangible to the intangible, conveying sensuality and emotions surrounding the body. It makes a sensory and an emotional connection between people and places, people and objects, places and space. It is a sensory communicative tool with a soft flow of natural sensuality in daily life.


a. ‘Aurora
 Second Skin by Lighting

‘Aurora’ creates patterns of light on the body as ornamentation, extending the ornamented space around the body and restyling its decorative silhouette by motion.

(a-1) ) Brooch
51*51*22/ 72*72*21/ 50.5*91*23
resin, electronics